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  • Happy Fathers Day

    In the UK and America Father’s Day is on the third Sunday in June.

    happy fd

    June 19, 1910, marked the first Father’s Day on record. Sonora Dodd from Washington State wanted to have a special day to show appreciation to her father William Smart, after hearing a Mothers Day sermon in her church. Her father was a Civil War veteran and a widower whose wife died during the childbirth of their sixth child. He raised his six children as a single father. The day was chosen in June, the month of Dodd’s father’s birthday.

    The relationship between a father and child is very special and changes over time

    Typically a we may view our Dads with hero worship as a small child, sometimes with contempt and impatience in the teenage years, until eventually we grow up and learn that our Dads deserve our respect and admiration.


    Famously Mark Twain said the following about his father: “When I was a boy of fourteen, my father was so ignorant I could hardly stand to have the old man around. But when I got to be twenty-one, I was astonished at how much he had learned in seven years.”

    look up 2

    Being a good Dad isn't always the easiest job in the world but I'm told it IS the most rewarding.

    real man

    Happy Fathers Day to all Dads, Step-dads and Father figures xx

  • The High School Prom

    The American Institution of the High School Prom has now become tradition here.

    The Prom season is upon us and the excitement is building. How and when did that happen? What happened to the school disco in the gym hall?

    The first recorded account of a prom as we know it was by a student at Amherst College, Massachusetts, in 1894, who described what would now be recognised as a formal senior ball. Proms on the other hand, have evolved from something traditional to something decadent.

    The very idea of a school leavers’ prom has invoked ideas of celebrity and rockstar lifestyle. The more expensive the dress and the flashier the limo, the better,


    Girls (or their parents) are buying dresses worth £800-£1000 or even more, and paying significant amounts of money in order to get their hair styled and nails manicured like a Hollywood celebrity attending an awards ceremony or a film premiere. Add to this the cost of jewellery, photography and limo hire, it's an expensive rite of passage!

    We can bemoan the expense and the Americanisation - but then we see the dresses (swoon) and just bask in their gorgeousness!

    Here are some of my favourites .......

    short long blue

    Short or long?


    Not for the shrinking violet!


    Words fail me - this is just gorgeous!

    short prom

    Sweet, traditional Prom style


    Love love love this one!

    Maybe mums get so into their daughters' Prom is because like me they never got the opportunity to wear dresses like this or have the whole celebrity for a day experience.

    Val x

  • Wedding Anniversary Gifts and Themes

    A Family Ruby Wedding Anniversary Celebration got me thinking .....



    Buying a gift for a wedding anniversary can be difficult - do you go with the traditional gift themes for the number of years of marriage or do you go off piste?

    Well with a little bit of thought and imagination you can do both.

    For example - the theme for the first wedding anniversary is paper. A bit boring you might think at first, but I've come across a few ideas that are a bit different. What about a lottery ticket? A ticket to see a band that was popular at the time the couple got married? (There are so many reunion tours these days it should be possible to find something appropriate). Or how about a newspaper from the date of the wedding?

    If you, like me have wondered where these themed ideas for anniversary gifts came from, this might shed some light - taken from a 1922 book by Emily Post.



    "Paper goes with the first year. This represents a clean but easily torn page.

    The fifth anniversary is marked with wood, representing strength, wisdom, deep roots and insight.

    Tin marks the 10th year of a marriage. This represents preservation and longevity, protection from rust, and preservation of all contained in a symbolic tin vessel.

    The 15th year is crystal, marking the investment the spouses have made in each other and the clarity, transparency and deep knowledge of each other.

    The 20th anniversary is celebrated with gifts of china. This represents a fragile yet longlasting relationship, and is a reminder not to take the union for granted but to continue to cherish each other and flourish.

    Diamond and platinum go with the 50th and 75th wedding anniversary, representing precious value and immense durability."


    I don't know about you but that makes me see the traditional themes in a different light and in future I will try to give gifts that reflect those sentiments.


    Val x

  • Floral influences on the design of jewellery and accessories.

    A quick look at images from The Chelsea Flower Show reminds us that there is often a strong floral influence on the design of jewellery and accessories.

    flower show

    From brightly coloured gardens to tranquil peaceful spaces via some interesting quirky displays, The Chelsea Flower show has something for everyone.

    bright    the hidden beauty of Kranji

    Do you see the possible influence in terms of shape and colour that this gorgeous flower could have had  on our Pink and White Flower Necklace and Earring set?
    The pretty pastel colours of these flowers are reflected in this statement Fiorelli necklace
    The floral influence in design of our popular Tulip bag is plain to see!
    So you see it's flowers everywhere at the moment!
    Val x
  • A Blog about Pebbles Blog.

    Sorry folks - this blog has been a bit neglected lately but we're determined to put that right!


    I was never sure that anyone would be interested in the random ramblings of a retailer in Bo'ness but apparently that's not true.


    Sooo you can hold me to my promise to blog more regularly.

    The idea is to cover topics that I hope will be interesting, informative and entertaining - but always with the focus on pretty things!

    There will also be the occasional Guest Blog.

    Please let me know if there's anything you would like to see here.

    Val x

  • 30 Days until Christmas!

    Just 30 days until Christmas day, make sure you have the perfect Christmas gift!

    30 days until Christmas

    I am sure many of you have already began thinking about a special Christmas gift for your loved ones but don't panic if you need some inspiration. We have put together our very special Christmas gift guide including gold, silver, costume jewellery, handmade leather bags and gloves and also handmade scarves and collars. You are sure to find the perfect gift.


    Gift cards

    Not sure what to buy that special person? Treat them to a Pebbles gift card and let them choose from our fantastic range of jewellery and accessories.




    Bylin Ladybird Handbag

    This stunning red and black soft leather ladybird design bag from Bylin is certainly a head turner. The gorgeous soft red leather is vibrant and will add a pop of colour and a touch of style to any of your outfits.




    Mandana Oskoui Swiss Blue Necklace

    The gorgeous handmade medium rutile formation pendant is a real favourite! The marvellous round faceted Swiss blue topaz is striking, a real show stopper against the brushed and polished finish on the silver.

    Mandana Oskoui Necklace

    If you are still in need of inspiration please pop in to our boutique and we will be happy to help you choose the perfect Christmas gift.

    Danielle x

  • New Dansk Smykkekunst jewellery and more.....


    Surprises from Dansk

    We are super excited that, as well as bringing you gorgeous Dansk Smykkekunst jewellery, we now have beautiful Dansk faux fur jackets and waist coats!

    dansk smykkekunst faux fur brown waist coat Dansk Smykkekunst brown faux fur waist coat 


    These are perfect for keeping warm and stylish this Autumn/Winter.

    This super soft faux fur and sequins jacket is perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your outfit. It looks amazing on a night out but equally great worn with jeans and boots!

    Dansk Smykkekunst grey faux fur jacket Dansk Smykkekunst grey faux fur jacket


    Of course as well as these stunning jackets and waist coats we also have gorgeous jewellery from Dansk Smykkekunst in our boutique and available on-line.

    Danielle x

  • Spooktacular accessories for your Halloween Costumes

    I am sure you are all busy planning your Halloween costumes, carving pumpkins and decorating the house (I am sure you are more organised than me!).


    But as we all know every good costume needs amazing accessories so here are a few of my spooktacular suggestions of accessories for you!

    Bjorg Anatomic Heart Earrings Vampire Look

    The anatomic heart earrings from leading jewellery designer Bjorg are a great finishing touch to your vampire look.

    Tina Lilienthal Skulls for a Pirate Look

    If you are dressing as a pirate this Hallow'een then this silver skull and crossbones necklace and these skull earrings from Tina Lilienthal are perfect!

    Bjorg Spine Bangle and Ring For Zombie

    No self respecting zombie would be seen creeping around without their dead gorgeous spine jewellery from Bjorg!

    Keep warm and stylish with gloves and scarves

    Even if you are not dressing up but taking the kids out guising (trick or treating) then wrap up warm and what better way to stay on trend than with a gorgeous REW scarf and these funky fingerless gloves.

    Remember everything in this blog is not just for Hallow'een it will look fabulous all year round!

    Happy Hallow'een!

    Danielle x

  • New Dansk jewellery ordered today and will be in-store soon!

    We have spent an enjoyable morning viewing the latest offerings from our popular Dansk range of fashion jewellery.

    It's always a pleasure to see the Dansk agent Kerri and have a good old catch up whilst oohing and ahhing over gorgeous jewellery.

    You can view the catalogue here Teaser-om-os


    See if you can guess what we've ordered.

    Your old favourites along with some fabby new statement necklaces, rings and bracelets will be in store and online soon.Coming-Soon-Graphic-Purple-Curtains






    There will also be some exciting additions to the Dansk range - not giving anything away just yet but it's NOT jewellery!



    Watch out for more news soon x

  • Fiorelli costume jewellery just in!

    We are super excited to let you know that Fiorelli costume jewellery is now available in our boutique and on-line!

    Fiorelli costume dramatic necklace

    With prices starting from just £14 this range of necklaces, earrings and bracelets is one not to be missed!

    Fiorelli Costume hoop earrings

    Love statement jewellery? Then you are sure to love Fiorelli costume jewellery as much as I do.

    Fiorelli Costume Gunmetal Cuff

    Danielle x

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