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Pebbles Jewellery Blog

Contemporary Designer Jewellery

  • Have you ever thought of having a handmade custom designed ring or piece of jewellery?

    Custom Design and Commissions

    bespoke, design, jewellery, unusual, different, silver, gold, platinum, palladiumcommissioned handmade custom designed ring or piece of jewellery is the ultimate statement of your individuality andcharacter. With our own in-house designer and access the UKs specialist makers, we can guarantee to create a unique high quality item to meet your desires. bespoke 2

    This is a speciality for which we have become renowned with our customers referring and recommending their friends and family onto us on a regular basis.



    Inherited Jewellery

    Perhaps you have been left some jewellery by someone close and would love to keep the history and memories but turn them into an item you would wear with pride.  Come and have an informal chat where we will run through the possibilities and give you the best guidance to help you decide how you would like the jewellery used.

    bespoke 6

    It may be as simple as repairing or rebuilding the items to their original design or redesigning and remodelling the piece to give it a modern contemporary feel, or starting from a blank canvas and designing a completely new piece of jewellery using stones or other elements of the original.

    Whichever way you choose to go you can be assured we will treat the pieces with utmost respect and when finished the new handmade creation will be a compliment to the originals.


    Something Different

    When you don't know exactly what you want but know you want something different, bespoke 1contemporary and handmade, then our in-house design team can talk you through all of your options. We take time to listen, find out a little about you, your lifestyle, your likes and most importantly your dislikes.  From there we will come up with some ideas and develop those along with you until we find the design you love.


    Every handmade design or remodelling project is unique and therefore impossible to put a cost on until it has been defined. If you have a budget to work to it's best to be upfront about it at the initial consultation as we can advise on the best way to work within your comfort zone.

    We do not charge for consultations or design work and will give you a fixed price once a final design has been agreed.

    We'd love to help make your dreams become reality so why not make an appointment for a no obligation consultation?

  • Diamond prices at Pebbles have been reduced which means lower priced diamond rings for you!

    We have negotiated a fantastic reduction in our diamond prices - don't ask how we did it because we have surprised ourselves!surprised

    We are delighted to pass on these amazing savings to our customers. Making this the ideal time to treat that special someone - or yourself.

    Ladies, this could be the nudge needed to prompt a proposal or renew your existing ring.

    Marquise and Princess Diamond RingThere is a huge selection of styles and sizes of amazingly priced diamond rings in our boutique and also on-line. This gorgeous white gold ring with a Princess and a Marquise cut diamond (was selling for £3345 now only £1599!) is one of my personal favourites and would make an unusual engagement ring or a stunning dress ring.

    Our diamond set wedding rings, engagement and dress rings are now on average over £800 BELOW RRP. There are some savings of over £1,500 to be made!

    Was £1245 NOW £399 Was £1245 NOW £399

     Available in limited sizes only so don't be disappointed - pop in to our Bo'ness boutique, call us on 01506 826863 or go on-line to check out the savings you can make!


    Pebbles Jewellery Valuation Service

    At Pebbles we are very proud to work with Scotland's premier jewellery valuation consultant, Adrian S Smith FGA Jewellery Valuations.



    Adrian S Smith FGA is an independent jewellery valuation consultant providing a comprehensive jewellery valuation and appraisal for private clients and some of Scotland's most eminent jewellers.

    Adrian is the founding member of the Association of Independent Jewellery Valuers.  In addition, he is actively involved in gemmology education in Scotland as a member of the manangement committee of the Scottish Gemmological Association.  He is also a member of various associations in the USA, including the National Association of Jewellery Appraisers (senior member) and is a senior accredited gemmologist and a member of the Board of Govenors of the Accredited Gemmologist Association.

    Adrian does not buy and sell jewellery or accept renumeration from insurance companies, brokers, lawyers or any other associated industries.  In adopting this stance he remains totally independent, unbiased and objective.

    Why you should have your jewellery valued regularly

    A valuation and appraisal of your treasured items is so much more than a listing of their values.  It provides you with peace of mind that in the event of a loss, the detailed description of the missing item will allow a fitting replacement to be supplied.  The schedule provides proof of ownership.  This is useful when a claim is made against any unspecified items on your insurance policy.

    Do you realise that if you cannot prove that stolen jewellery belongs to you, it can, in some cases be returned to the suspected burglar?  The detailed descriptions and images in your jewellery valuation report, help the police identify your items and return them to their rightful owner.

    It is important that your jewellery valuations are kept up to date as the value of precious metals and gemstones can increase quite dramatically. If your jewellery is undervalued you will find it difficult to replace with equivalent pieces as your insurance company may only pay out the lower valuation. We recommend that your jewellery is re-valued every 3 -  4 years.


    To find out more about our jewellery valuation service or to have your treasured items valued please contact us on 01506 826863 or email

  • Palladium Rings at Pebbles Bo'ness


    It looks like platinum, it feels like platinum, it's part of the platinum family of metals so palladium is a great alternative to platinum when it comes to jewellery and rings.

    Palladium has become very popular for engagement rings and wedding rings (especially with the increasing price of platinum). Here at Pebbles Bo'ness and online we have a selection of palladium rings which we are sure you will love as much as we do!






    Still need to be convinced that palladium is a very real alternative to platinum?

    Palladium Ring RangeThe Facts on Palladium

    Palladium is a silvery-white, rare and lustrous precious metal, one of the platinum group metals which are typically found together in ore deposits.

    Palladium is naturally white from so it will never change colour.

    The richest known palladium deposit in the world is located in southern Montana in the USA.

    Palladium is priced lower than the cost of platinum

    Palladium is currently priced considerably lower than the price of platinum, a fact that customers have deeply appreciated and has helped palladium rise in popularity over the higher priced platinum and white gold.

    Unlike white gold, palladium does not need to be rhodium coated and will keep its natural white colour. More than a fifth of the worlds palladium supply now goes into jewellery production and China is the country with the highest demand for the precious metal.

    In 2001 palladium actually cost more than platinum, due to the technology to efficiently cast palladium in jewellery not yet being available!

    With that problem resolved palladium rings and jewellery are becoming more and more popular and palladium is now being considered as a viable alternative and is growing in importance with jewellery designers worldwide.

    Palladium is a hallmarked precious metal

    Officially recognised by UK Assay Offices from January 2010 as a precious metal, all palladium jewellery now has to be hallmarked.  Palladium has had a voluntary, legally recognised UK hallmark since July 2009 and from 1 January 2010, this is now a legal requirement for all articles weighing more than 1 gram.

    The symbol for palladium is is the Pallas Athene, the greek Godess of War, Wisdom and Crafts, after whom palladium was named.


    Why we love palladium

    Resistant to corrosion, oxidation and tarnishing, palladium is very durable and its purity means that allergic reactions are avoided.

    Hardwearing, hypoallergenic and affordable, we know that you will love our stylish Palladium collection as much as we do.

  • Pebbles Mad Hatters Tea Party and Bonnie Bling workshop

    Last night we donned our silly hats and hosted our Mad Hatters Tea Party and we would like to thank everyone that came along.

    Mad Hatters Selfie

    Kate Gorman's absolutely amazing show stopping necklace greeted our guests as they arrived and certainly got people talking.

    Kate Gorman Designs show stopper

    Our guests then enjoyed a tea cup or two of bubbly, took part in competitions such as find the Chesshire cat and guess the Mad Hatter and made fantastic savings at the till.

    Mad Hatters Tea Party

    We were very impressed with the brilliant hats on display too.



    Mad Hatter










    Mad Hatter


    And the winner of the best hat was.......

    Best hat went to Donna at our Mad Hatters Tea Party

    We also held our first ever 'Make your own' Bonnie Bling workshops which were a huge success and our guests made their very own personalised necklace - they all looked fab!

    First Bonnie Bling workshop

    Make your own workshop


    Here are the finished necklaces and aren't they pretty

    Finished make your own necklaces




    Finished Bonnie Bling make your own necklaces


    Bonnie Bling workshop


    We had a great night and hope you guys did too.

    Keep your eyes peeled for further Pebbles events and perhaps more workshops too!

    Danielle x

  • Pebbles Mad Hatters Tea Party

    Don't be late for a very important date!

    You are cordially invited to join us down the rabbit hole for an evening of bubbles, fun, discounts and prizes on

    Wednesday May 21st 6pm - 8pm


    Pebbles 43 North Street, Bo'ness EH51 0AQ

    Mad Hatters Tea Party

    You will be able to make you very own Bonnie Bling necklace in our 'make your own' workshop (workshop cost £10 per person) and enjoy a cake (or 2) while you browse our fantastic jewellery and accessory collections.

    There will be a prizes for best hat, funniest hat etc so don't forget yours!

    'A little hat made of ribbon and bows
    A bird perched there,
    A nest, a rose,
    A silly hat, or pretty too
    Which one will we see on you?'

    Mad Hatters Hat

    Please RSVP so we can make sure we have plenty of bubbly and cakes for everyone!

    To book your place on the 'make your own' workshop please email for further details (Each place at the workshop costs just £10).

    Dress code - wear your best tea party hat!

    Mad Hatters Tea Party SignSee you there!

    Danielle x

  • Linlithgow Shoppers Flock to Bo'ness

    Why are people from Linlithgow choosing to shop in Bo'ness?

    The drive into Bo'ness from Linlithgow The drive into Bo'ness from Linlithgow

    We've always had customers from Linlithgow (and much further afield) but we have noticed a marked increase in the last couple of months.

    One of our popular evening events One of our popular evening events

    Because we are a  friendly bunch and love to chat with our customers we have found that there are many reasons why people from Linlithgow are now choosing to shop in Bo'ness. This is what they have told us -

    • The choice and quality of independent shops is better in Bo'ness - Linlithgow seems to be full of charity shops and cafes.
    • You can buy things in Bo'ness that you don't see anywhere else
    • There is ample FREE parking - parking is a nightmare in Linlithgow
    • Bo'ness is a lovely town to walk around whereas Linlithgow is just one long street

    Find out more about Bo'ness

    Here's what Visit Scotland says

    For info on local attractions

    The Hippodrome Festival of Silent Cinema recently listed shops and cafes

    We have always known that Bo'ness is the best wee town in Central Scotland (if not the world!) and it warms our heart when that is recognised by visitors from other towns.

    Will we see you soon?


  • What will your custom jewellery say about you?

    We are super excited to announce that in collaboration with Scottish jewellery brand Bonnie Bling, we are the very first (and only) store, in the world where you can design your very own custom personalised Bonnie Bling necklace in store and online.

    custom, persoanlised, necklaces, acrylic, scottish, jewellery, bonnie, bling, custom jewellery


    There are 5 steps to designing your necklace 

    Step 1 - decide what you would like your necklace to say (name, nickname, favourite band, sports team or what ever you like!)

    Step 2 - Choose a font

    bonnie, bling,custom,necklace,fonts, jewellery, custom jewellery,

    Step 3 - Choose a colour

    colours,necklace,bonnie,bling,jewellery,glitter,mirror, custom jewellery,

    Step 4 - Collect your very own personalised necklace in 10 days

    Step 5 - tell all of your friends where to get their very own!

    What will your necklace say?

    I have my name on mine but I already have the thinking cap for my next one!

    persoanlised, name,necklace,acrylic, jewellery, bonnie, bling, scottish, custom jewellery,

    Danielle x


  • How we can help you at Pebbles - the services we provide for you

    Not only do we bring you guys a great selection of jewellery and accessories from worldwide designers we also offer a whole host of services from bespoke design to a saving scheme and everything in between. So here is a quick reminder of what we can do to help you at Pebbles.

    customer service, pebbles, knowledge, satisfaction, experience, excellent,


    Jewellery Repairs

    Do you have a broken necklace, an earring with missing a stone, a ring that needs re-sizing or any other jewellery needing repaired lying at the bottom of your jewellery box that you would love to wear again? Then why not bring it to us and we will have it repaired for you.  Our repairs are done within 7 - 10 days and are finished to the highest standard.

    Bespoke In House Design

    Have you got an idea of your perfect piece of jewellery? Perhaps you would like your own unique handmade piece? Our creative director and in house designer can help you from the initial design stage (and even give you some inspiration) right through to watching your eyes light up when you see your design realised.

    bespoke, design, jewellery, unusual, different, silver, gold, platinum, palladium


    Have you inherited a piece of jewellery that is not quite your style? Or have some jewellery that is no longer to your taste?  Then why not pop in and have a discussion about having it remodelled into jewellery that you love and wear proudly.

    Watch Batteries and Straps

    We can supply and fit batteries to most watches for just £6. We are also now able to supply and fit leather straps to most watches for just £10.


    Pebbles are very proud to work with Scotland's premier jewellery valuation consultancy, Adrian S Smith FGA Jewellery Valuations.  A valuation and appraisal of your treasured items is so much more than a listing of their values.  It provides you with peace of mind that in the event of a loss, the detailed description of the missing item will allow a fitting replacement to be supplied.  The schedule provides proof of ownership.  This is useful when a claim is made against any unspecified items on your insurance policy.

    Loyalty Scheme

    We run both an in-store and on-line loyalty scheme where we reward our customers for shopping with us. Ask in-store for further details, pick up your loyalty card and start collecting your reward points!

    loyalty, reward, points, scheme, club,

    Savings Club

    We also offer a savings club in Pebbles Bo'ness where by you can save towards a dream item or spread the cost of birthdays and Christmas presents through out the year. Ask in store for further details.

    Lay away Scheme

    We are happy to lay away and hold an item for you with a minimum deposit of 30%.  The item will be held for a maximum of 8 weeks.  The balance must be paid in full before the item can be collected.  If the balance is not paid within the 8 week period the item will be returned to stock. Your deposit is non refundable.  Longer terms may be arranged for items of high value at the discretion of the management.

    Further details of all of our services are available in-store or by emailing

    We look forward to seeing you all soon x

  • Clearance Sale at Pebbles Edinburgh

    This week is your last chance to grab a bargain in Pebbles Edinburgh's Clearance Sale before the shop closes on Saturday 1st March.

    clearance sale banner

    The lease on our Edinburgh shop is coming to an end and although we have been looking for an alternative location we have been unable to find anything suitable.

    Pebbles Bo'ness and Pebbles website will carry on as normal and we hope that our Edinburgh customers will continue to shop with us either in Bo'ness or online.

    We would like to thank all who have shopped with us in Edinburgh for your support and invite you to take advantage of the HUGE savings in our Clearance Sale.

    Leather necklace WAS £135 NOW £55 Leather necklace WAS £135 NOW £55


    White Gold black agate and diamond pendant WAS £170 NOW £85 White Gold black agate and diamond pendant WAS £170 NOW £85


    Palladium diamond ring WAS £1,500 NOW £600 Palladium diamond ring WAS £1,500 NOW £600

    These are just a few examples - there are lots more in the shop so please call in this week and bag yourself a real bargain!

    Val x



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