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  • Have you ever thought of having a handmade custom designed ring or piece of jewellery?

    Custom Design and Commissions

    commissioned handmade custom designed ring or piece of jewellery is the ultimate statement of your individuality and character. With our own in-house designer and access the UKs specialist makers, we can guarantee to create a unique high quality item to meet your desires.

    This is a speciality for which we have become renowned with our customers referring and recommending their friends and family onto us on a regular basis.

    bespoke 1

    Inherited Jewellery

    Perhaps you have been left some jewellery by someone close and would love to keep the history and memories but turn them into an item you would wear with pride.  Come and have an informal chat where we will run through the possibilities and give you the best guidance to help you decide how you would like the jewellery used.


    It may be as simple as repairing or rebuilding the items to their original design or redesigning and remodelling the piece to give it a modern contemporary feel, or starting from a blank canvas and designing a completely new piece of jewellery using stones or other elements of the original.

    Whichever way you choose to go you can be assured we will treat the pieces with utmost respect and when finished the new handmade creation will be a compliment to the originals.

    Something Different

    When you don't know exactly what you want but know you want something different, contemporary and handmade, then our in-house design team cantalk you through all of your options. We take time to listen, find out a little about you, your lifestyle, your likes and most importantly your dislikes.  From there we will come up with some ideas and develop those along with you until we find the design you love.

    bespoke 2


    Every handmade design or remodelling project is unique and therefore impossible to put a cost on until it has been defined. If you have a budget to work to it's best to be upfront about it at the initial consultation as we can advise on the best way to work within your comfort zone.

    We do not charge for consultations or design work and will give you a fixed price once a final design has been agreed.

    We'd love to help make your dreams become reality so why not make an appointment for a no obligation consultation? Call us on 01506 826863 or pop into our boutique at 43 North Street Bo'ness EH51 0AQ.

  • Diamond prices at Pebbles have been reduced which means lower priced diamond rings for you!

    We have negotiated a fantastic reduction in our diamond prices - don't ask how we did it because we have surprised ourselves!surprised

    We are delighted to pass on these amazing savings to our customers. Making this the ideal time to treat that special someone - or yourself.

    Ladies, this could be the nudge needed to prompt a proposal or renew your existing ring.

    Marquise and Princess Diamond RingThere is a huge selection of styles and sizes of amazingly priced diamond rings in our boutique and also on-line. This gorgeous white gold ring with a Princess and a Marquise cut diamond (was selling for £3345 now only £1599!) is one of my personal favourites and would make an unusual engagement ring or a stunning dress ring.

    Our diamond set wedding rings, engagement and dress rings are now on average over £800 BELOW RRP. There are some savings of over £1,500 to be made!

    Was £1245 NOW £399 Was £1245 NOW £399

     Available in limited sizes only so don't be disappointed - pop in to our Bo'ness boutique, call us on 01506 826863 or go on-line to check out the savings you can make!

  • Palladium Rings at Pebbles Bo'ness


    It looks like platinum, it feels like platinum, it's part of the platinum family of metals so palladium is a great alternative to platinum when it comes to jewellery and rings.

    Palladium has become very popular for engagement rings and wedding rings (especially with the increasing price of platinum). Here at Pebbles Bo'ness and on-line we have a selection of palladium rings which we are sure you will love as much as we do!






    Still need to be convinced that palladium is a very real alternative to platinum?

    The Facts on Palladium

    Palladium is a silvery-white, rare and lustrous precious metal, one of the platinum group metals which are typically found together in ore deposits.

    Palladium is naturally white from so it will never change colour.

    The richest known palladium deposit in the world is located in southern Montana in the USA.

    Palladium is priced lower than the cost of platinum

    Palladium is currently priced considerably lower than the price of platinum, a fact that customers have deeply appreciated and has helped palladium rise in popularity over the higher priced platinum and white gold.

    Unlike white gold, palladium does not need to be rhodium coated and will keep its natural white colour. More than a fifth of the worlds palladium supply now goes into jewellery production and China is the country with the highest demand for the precious metal.

    In 2001 palladium actually cost more than platinum, due to the technology to efficiently cast palladium in jewellery not yet being available!

    With that problem resolved palladium rings and jewellery are becoming more and more popular and palladium is now being considered as a viable alternative and is growing in importance with jewellery designers worldwide.

    Palladium is a hallmarked precious metal


    Officially recognised by UK Assay Offices from January 2010 as a precious metal, all palladium jewellery now has to be hallmarked.  Palladium has had a voluntary, legally recognised UK hallmark since July 2009 and from 1 January 2010, this is now a legal requirement for all articles weighing more than 1 gram.

    The symbol for palladium is is the Pallas Athene, the greek Godess of War, Wisdom and Crafts, after whom palladium was named.

    Why we love palladium

    Resistant to corrosion, oxidation and tarnishing, palladium is very durable and its purity means that allergic reactions are avoided.

    Hardwearing, hypoallergenic and affordable, we know that you will love our stylish Palladium collection as much as we do.

  • Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day can be a touchy subject.

    Do you go for it all hearts and flowers or is it just another commercialised out-dated tradition?


    It's a dilemma - you should show your love every day not just on one specified day. But if you ignore it are you destined for the dog house?



    Here at Pebbles we are big softies and welcome any excuse to give and receive gorgeous jewellery - whether it's cheap and cheerful  or outrageously extravagant.

    If you need inspiration for valentine's Day - or any other day - here's our pick of the best.

    Bonnie Bling Ring £15 Bonnie Bling Ring £15


    Bjorg anatomically correct heart stud earrings £90 Bjorg anatomically correct heart stud earrings £90
    Fiorelli multi heart pendant £130 Fiorelli multi heart pendant £130
    18 carat white gold ring with Marquise and Princess cut diamonds £3345 18 carat white gold ring with Marquise and Princess cut diamonds £3345

    So whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or not there's always an excuse (reason) to treat someone you love to gorgeous jewellery.

    Val x


  • Pebbles Jewellery teams up with 4 star hotel to give engagement ring customers complementary stay.

    In the past we have thanked people for allowing us at Pebbles to help them choose their perfect engagement ring by treating them to a meal out.

    This Spring we wanted to do something a bit different. So we have teamed up with the lovely people at MacDonald Cardrona Golf and Spa Hotel to offer all our engagement ring customers a complementary overnight stay (including breakfast) in the Scottish Borders town of Peebles.

    Exterior Macdonald Cardrona hotel

    We'll even throw in a bottle of bubbly for the first couple to take us up on this amazing offer which we are launching today (13th March 2013).

    All you have to do is buy an engagement ring from Pebbles Bo'ness or Edinburgh or online and everything will be explained to you.

    You can choose from a beautiful selection of diamond engagement rings with prices from below £400 to many thousands of pounds in materials such as titanium, gold, palladium and platinum.





    You might want to use our highly acclaimed bespoke design service to have a unique ring made to your own specifications.

    Whatever the value or style of engagement ring you choose you can be assured of the high level of service and quality that customers enjoy with Pebbles.

    What better way to celebrate your engagement than a night in a luxury hotel?

    So come and see us today in Edinburgh or Bo'ness and let's get it organised for you.

    Danielle x

  • Free upgade to Platinum on Diamond Engagement Rings

    Have you met THE ONE?  Are you thinking of getting engaged on the most romantic day of the year (Valentines Day)?  If you answered yes to either of the above questions then our January offer is definitely one you don't want to miss!

    We are giving you an opportunity to buy a Platinum engagement ring for the price of 18ct gold!!!

    How amazing is that?  Simply order the 18 carat version of the ring you chose online and enter FREE PLATINUM UPGRADE in the comment box, or visit our Edinburgh store where you can see and try on our gorgeous rings.

    Danielle x

  • Buying the perfect engagement ring

    How to buy the perfect engagement ring for the woman you love

    Before I let you into the biggest secrets of buying the perfect enagement ring, can I be honest with you.

    The best way to buy her an engagement ring that she will love is to let her choose it herself.

    She will wear this ring everyday so it must look and feel good on her finger and most imporatantly suit her lifestyle.  It may take time trying on many different diamond shapes and styles before you find the perfect ring.

    Still want to go it alone?

    If you still want to go it alone and surprise her or perhaps you don't want her to be involved with pricing and payment issues, follow these simple rules (don't worry there are only 5!) and you will buy an engagement ring she will love almost as much as she loves you!

    Rule number 1 - Pay Attention!

    The first step to finding the perfect engagement ring is to pay attention to her jewellery likes and dislikes.

    • What metal colour does she wear?
    • What style of jewellery does she wear (is it contemporary, bold, vintage or classic)?

    The best indications of her tastes in jewellery are the items she wears all of the time, not the items she wears occasionally.

    Rule number 2 - Has She Given You Any Hints?

    When you have been out shopping together has she ever pointed out engagement rings or commented on the style of jewellery she really likes?

    If not then why not take her shopping?  It is not difficult to steer yourselves towards the jewellery shops, if you want to keep up the surprise, why not tell her you are looking for a new watch?  Be sure to pause by the engagement ring counters.

    Some women don't like diamonds so think about what stone she would like.  Sapphires and rubies are often set into engagement rings as an alternative.

    Rule number 3 - Choose The Correct Diamond Shape!

    The most popular diamond shape chosen by brides is round, but perhaps not your bride!

    She may prefer an oval, pear shape, marquise, square, emerald or baguette cut stone.  Fancier shapes such as hearts are also available.

    For more information about diamonds please click here.

    Rule number 4 - Consider Her Lifestyle!

    Does your bride to be work in a profession where a large or fussy ring would look out of place?  Even if she doesn't remember the shape of the stone or setting can have an impact on everyday life.

    A pointed gem or a setting with high prongs can snag clothing or even people!  These rings are also harder to keep clean and are more suited to be worn on special occasions and not every day.

    Finally and perhaps most importantly,

    Rule number 5 - Find Out Her Ring Size!

    To ensure you buy the perfect engagement ring you will need to know the ring size of your bride to be.

    You could do this by getting hold of a ring she already wears on the correct finger or asking a friend or family member to get one for you.  You will only need to have the ring long enough for it to be sized.

    If you get help from someone else you will need to swear them to secrecy and of course make sure the ring is put back before she notices it is gone!

    Lastly, the best piece of advice I can give you is to come and have a chat with one of our friendly members of staff, who will be pleased to give you more help and inspiration.

    Good luck!

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