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  • Childrens Jewellery - on the up?

    Here in Bo'ness the town is beginning to settle down after the annual Childrens Fair.  We are very proud to hold the biggest childrens fair in the UK and each year it gets better and better.  As ever the run up to Fair is a busy time for us especially for beautiful jewellery for fairies and flower girls and this year was certainly no different except this year the boys were getting in on the jewellery action as well.

    Our D For Diamond collection is the first stop for all little girls for their special day. 

    The most popular necklace this year for fairies was the gorgeous Tinkerbell pendant who has a single twinkling diamond set into her wing. 

    Of course this Tinkerbell is not only for fairies she would love to be worn by any little princess. 

    Older girls love butterflies and this year again was no exception.  The many butterfly pendants from D For Diamond caught the eye of lots of flower girls. 

    One of my favourite butterfly necklaces is this one with three butterflies looking as though they are caught mid flight.  There is of course  single diamond in one wing of the second butterfly.  The way they move as the wearer moves gives them a real look of being alive!

    And this year the boys were not to be left out!  My son, Josh, who is 9 has a love of jewellery and quite often comes into the shop and has a try on and lets us know what he likes!  Do boys want to wear jewellery?

    In the case of boys in Bo'ness - yes they do!  We introduced a boys charm bracelet to our childrens range and it has been a hit!  Boys seem to love the colourful beads and charms from Silver & Co, frogs, peace signs, Ipods and initials have proven to be the most popular. 

    So is the attitude to boys jewellery changing as men are becoming more interested in accessories or are the young boys in Bo'ness leading the way?

    Danielle x

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