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  • Shop on-line or in independent high street shops?

    What makes us shop on-line or on the high street?

    The art of shopping is changing and fast - or so we are continually being told, but why?

    There is no doubt that internet shopping gives us a huge choice of retailers, an opportunity to compare prices and have our shopping delivered to our home or office all at a time convenient to us.

    BUT, and its a big but to my mind, do we get the same customer care, advice and service?Can we try before we buy? And how important is the "touchy feely-ness" of buying in an independent high street shop?

    Some will point out that high street shopping is dominated by a relatively few big brand chains, in shopping malls and in many city centres that is true, however, think about the net for a minute is that not also dominated by the power of these same brands and some online only businesses such as Amazon?

    I can understand doing your regular food shopping online - its certainly not my favourite pastime, or buying a new washing machine or other electrical item where the technical spec is same and you are just looking for best price and delivery, in fact any item which can be deemed a necessity rather than a 'want to have'.

    Please don't think that I am anti internet shopping we have our own website as well as our shops in Edinburgh and Bo'ness, and we work hard to give the same level of service to all our customers, I am suggesting that we should not forget the indviduality Jacob Issacharoff - 18ct White Gold Ring with Ribbon of Diamondsand high level of care that independent high street shops give.

    When you buy that new outfit and want to accessorise it, but you don't know what with, then come into an independent shop and let them give you best advice and choice.

    We have many loyal on-line customers who have bought from us either only on the net or from our shops and on-line, the reviews they have left us say we are succeeding in giving high levels of service and I thank them for their continued business.

    All I ask is that when you need to make that next 'just because' purchase think about visiting your independent retailer and enjoy the experience.

     As ever I would love to hear your comments.


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