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Tag Archives: palladium

  • Palladium Rings at Pebbles Bo'ness


    It looks like platinum, it feels like platinum, it's part of the platinum family of metals so palladium is a great alternative to platinum when it comes to jewellery and rings.

    Palladium has become very popular for engagement rings and wedding rings (especially with the increasing price of platinum). Here at Pebbles Bo'ness and on-line we have a selection of palladium rings which we are sure you will love as much as we do!






    Still need to be convinced that palladium is a very real alternative to platinum?

    The Facts on Palladium

    Palladium is a silvery-white, rare and lustrous precious metal, one of the platinum group metals which are typically found together in ore deposits.

    Palladium is naturally white from so it will never change colour.

    The richest known palladium deposit in the world is located in southern Montana in the USA.

    Palladium is priced lower than the cost of platinum

    Palladium is currently priced considerably lower than the price of platinum, a fact that customers have deeply appreciated and has helped palladium rise in popularity over the higher priced platinum and white gold.

    Unlike white gold, palladium does not need to be rhodium coated and will keep its natural white colour. More than a fifth of the worlds palladium supply now goes into jewellery production and China is the country with the highest demand for the precious metal.

    In 2001 palladium actually cost more than platinum, due to the technology to efficiently cast palladium in jewellery not yet being available!

    With that problem resolved palladium rings and jewellery are becoming more and more popular and palladium is now being considered as a viable alternative and is growing in importance with jewellery designers worldwide.

    Palladium is a hallmarked precious metal


    Officially recognised by UK Assay Offices from January 2010 as a precious metal, all palladium jewellery now has to be hallmarked.  Palladium has had a voluntary, legally recognised UK hallmark since July 2009 and from 1 January 2010, this is now a legal requirement for all articles weighing more than 1 gram.

    The symbol for palladium is is the Pallas Athene, the greek Godess of War, Wisdom and Crafts, after whom palladium was named.

    Why we love palladium

    Resistant to corrosion, oxidation and tarnishing, palladium is very durable and its purity means that allergic reactions are avoided.

    Hardwearing, hypoallergenic and affordable, we know that you will love our stylish Palladium collection as much as we do.

  • Clearance Sale at Pebbles Edinburgh

    This week is your last chance to grab a bargain in Pebbles Edinburgh's Clearance Sale before the shop closes on Saturday 1st March.

    clearance sale banner

    The lease on our Edinburgh shop is coming to an end and although we have been looking for an alternative location we have been unable to find anything suitable.

    Pebbles Bo'ness and Pebbles website will carry on as normal and we hope that our Edinburgh customers will continue to shop with us either in Bo'ness or online.

    We would like to thank all who have shopped with us in Edinburgh for your support and invite you to take advantage of the HUGE savings in our Clearance Sale.

    Leather necklace WAS £135 NOW £55 Leather necklace WAS £135 NOW £55


    White Gold black agate and diamond pendant WAS £170 NOW £85 White Gold black agate and diamond pendant WAS £170 NOW £85


    Palladium diamond ring WAS £1,500 NOW £600 Palladium diamond ring WAS £1,500 NOW £600

    These are just a few examples - there are lots more in the shop so please call in this week and bag yourself a real bargain!

    Val x



  • Pebbles At Orocco Pier Wedding Fair on 26th February

    We are very much looking forward to meeting lots of very excited bride and grooms to-be at Orocco Pier's wedding fair on Sunday 26th February between 12pm and 4pm. 

    We will be showing our beautiful ranges of wedding rings available in all shapes and materials.

    From the traditional, platinum, white gold, yellow gold and palladium of our Saint Maurice, Brown and Newirth, Kestrel and Breuning collections

    to more unusual titanium and zirconium collections from Feniom, Prism Design and Geti.

    There will be a wealth of wedding knowledge and products available from many of Scotland's leading wedding suppliers just waiting to make you special day perfect!

    So if you are getting married (or even just thinking about it!) come along and chat to Val and Kevin about your perfect wedding ring and have a look around Orocco Pier, one of Scotland's most beautiful wedding venues (and I should know, I got married there!!)

    Danielle x

  • Hallmarking - why the fuss?

    Hallmarking, along with a lot of other business regulations, is currently under review by the Goverment under its drive to reduce "red tape" and trading restrictions on businesses.

    So, Hallmarking why the fuss?               

    You may have seen or heard comments from people involved in the jewellery trade wanting to keep the current regulations in place as they are. The key point for retaining the status quo seems to be that it has been around for 700 years or so and is an early form of consumer protection.

    My point is this - can you think of any other consumer item that is still governed by the same regulations for 700 years or any other type of product which needs to have every piece manufactured (albeit above certain weight exemptions) independently verified and certified.

    Champagne, cashmere, leather, etc. all carry markings which immediately declare their authenticity, but these are applied by the manufacturer and not an external body, although they are policed and must comply with the Trading Standards regulations.

    My argument is that the same could be done in the jewellery industry. All the same markings would be applied so nothing of the heritage is lost and makers, retailers and consumers would all be clear about the make up of each piece. This would simplfy the process and remove duplication, the savings in time and cost would be passed on to the consumer.

    But, I hear the cry - what about all the rogues and scoundrels out there waiting to rip everybody off?

    Lets be honest there are disreputable people in every industry and these people are already operating, I doubt that any existing reputable maker is going to turn bad overnight, the penalties for doing so are too great.

    Again I ask why the fuss?

    I am not sure but I think sometimes we just don't like change and we don't like to compare ourselves to other consumer industries - the truth is we are no different to other fashion businesses and I believe the only way to improve is to question everything we do.

    I would be very interested to hear from the buying public what they know about hallmarks and how they affect their buying decisions.


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