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  • Clearance Sale at Pebbles Edinburgh

    This week is your last chance to grab a bargain in Pebbles Edinburgh's Clearance Sale before the shop closes on Saturday 1st March.

    clearance sale banner

    The lease on our Edinburgh shop is coming to an end and although we have been looking for an alternative location we have been unable to find anything suitable.

    Pebbles Bo'ness and Pebbles website will carry on as normal and we hope that our Edinburgh customers will continue to shop with us either in Bo'ness or online.

    We would like to thank all who have shopped with us in Edinburgh for your support and invite you to take advantage of the HUGE savings in our Clearance Sale.

    Leather necklace WAS £135 NOW £55 Leather necklace WAS £135 NOW £55


    White Gold black agate and diamond pendant WAS £170 NOW £85 White Gold black agate and diamond pendant WAS £170 NOW £85


    Palladium diamond ring WAS £1,500 NOW £600 Palladium diamond ring WAS £1,500 NOW £600

    These are just a few examples - there are lots more in the shop so please call in this week and bag yourself a real bargain!

    Val x



  • Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day can be a touchy subject.

    Do you go for it all hearts and flowers or is it just another commercialised out-dated tradition?


    It's a dilemma - you should show your love every day not just on one specified day. But if you ignore it are you destined for the dog house?



    Here at Pebbles we are big softies and welcome any excuse to give and receive gorgeous jewellery - whether it's cheap and cheerful  or outrageously extravagant.

    If you need inspiration for valentine's Day - or any other day - here's our pick of the best.

    Bonnie Bling Ring £15 Bonnie Bling Ring £15


    Bjorg anatomically correct heart stud earrings £90 Bjorg anatomically correct heart stud earrings £90
    Fiorelli multi heart pendant £130 Fiorelli multi heart pendant £130
    18 carat white gold ring with Marquise and Princess cut diamonds £3345 18 carat white gold ring with Marquise and Princess cut diamonds £3345

    So whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or not there's always an excuse (reason) to treat someone you love to gorgeous jewellery.

    Val x


  • Pebblettes Xmas Party

    Pebbles Xmas Party

    We would like to say say a HUGE thanks to all who came to our Exclusive Pebblettes Xmas Party last night.

    For those of you that sadly couldn't make it here is a wee taster of the fun filled night of  exclusive discounts and surprise extra savings (guests pulled a cracker at the till to find out how much extra discount they would get - some people saved an additional 25%!!).  Santa himself even made an appearance bearing gifts for lucky guests!

    xmas-party-val Val and Kevin get in to the Xmas spirit
    Pebbles Xmas Party Guests Our guests had an exclusive look at new ranges that are just in

    Among the most popular items were our Fabulous Rew scarves.


    The edgy style of Bjorg caught the eye of many of our guests.

    herkimer claw ring

    Santa with surprise giveaways Santa brought surprise gifts for lucky guests
    Santa at the Pebbles Xmas Party Another lucky winner of Santa's surprise give away
    Santa and helpers at the Pebbles Xmas Party Santa with his little helpers

    Thank you again to everyone that helped to make it such a memorable evening, and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

    Danielle, Val and Kevin x




  • New Season Fiorelli SilverJewellery now available at Pebbles.


    We are delighted to have the new season Fiorelli Silver Jewellery instore in Bo'ness and online from today.

    Have a browse through the range and you will find Symbols and signs refreshed with on trend mixed metals and delicate pave details. Layer up for a tailor-made look.

    Fiorelli bracelet £65 Fiorelli bracelet £65



    You will find marquise shapes illuminated with vibrant crystals creating a chic and contemporary style.

    Fiorelli necklace £95 Fiorelli necklace £95


    Many pieces feature smooth rounded forms adorned with sparkling cubic zirconia and crystal for understated glamour.

    Fiorelli Necklace £130 Fiorelli Necklace £130



    You'll love the Galaxy inspired designs with clusters of tiny gems.

    Fiorelli earrings £65 Fiorelli earrings £65



    Buy these and all your old favourites online or instore.

    See you soon.

    Danielle x

  • Childrens Jewellery - on the up?

    Here in Bo'ness the town is beginning to settle down after the annual Childrens Fair.  We are very proud to hold the biggest childrens fair in the UK and each year it gets better and better.  As ever the run up to Fair is a busy time for us especially for beautiful jewellery for fairies and flower girls and this year was certainly no different except this year the boys were getting in on the jewellery action as well.

    Our D For Diamond collection is the first stop for all little girls for their special day. 

    The most popular necklace this year for fairies was the gorgeous Tinkerbell pendant who has a single twinkling diamond set into her wing. 

    Of course this Tinkerbell is not only for fairies she would love to be worn by any little princess. 

    Older girls love butterflies and this year again was no exception.  The many butterfly pendants from D For Diamond caught the eye of lots of flower girls. 

    One of my favourite butterfly necklaces is this one with three butterflies looking as though they are caught mid flight.  There is of course  single diamond in one wing of the second butterfly.  The way they move as the wearer moves gives them a real look of being alive!

    And this year the boys were not to be left out!  My son, Josh, who is 9 has a love of jewellery and quite often comes into the shop and has a try on and lets us know what he likes!  Do boys want to wear jewellery?

    In the case of boys in Bo'ness - yes they do!  We introduced a boys charm bracelet to our childrens range and it has been a hit!  Boys seem to love the colourful beads and charms from Silver & Co, frogs, peace signs, Ipods and initials have proven to be the most popular. 

    So is the attitude to boys jewellery changing as men are becoming more interested in accessories or are the young boys in Bo'ness leading the way?

    Danielle x

  • Brand snob or designer diva - which are you when it comes to jewellery?

    When choosing jewellery are you more likely to choose a well known brand or go for something individual from a designer maker?

    I have to admit that when I was a bit younger I would go for a brand every time, probably because when you are younger you tend to follow whatever your friends are wearing.  I still love some brands such as Sphere Of Life and Step By Step but as I grow older and learn more about the designers, we stock at Pebbles I find myself swaying on the side of the designers.

    I love the thought of having a unique piece of jewelley that no one else in the world has.  The imagination and inspiration of jewellery designers fascinates me (as I am the least artistic person you could ever meet!), the use of materials such as silver, gold, steel, acrylic and even rubber to make the most intricate or bold pieces that make me smile.

    This silver, gold and diamond ring from British designer Paul Finch's Trapped collection is simple, elegant and unusual.  I love the way the diamonds look as though they are 'trapped' in the shell.  It could be worn everyday or dressed up for a night out.

    I love the work of Tina Lilenthalfor her playful way of mixing acrylic with silver and in this case green gingham material.  Her designs are quirky and are loved by poeple that like jewellery with a contemporary touch.

    Bjorg jewellery is tipped by people in the jewellery press to be the next BIG thing.  I love they way she uses gothic influences to give a modern take on this heart pendant.  The heart is anatomically correct and the tag reads 'ab imo pectore' which translates as 'from the bottom of my heart.'

    Some people like to be loyal to a brand and religiously buy anything they release, even if they don't particularly like it!  Just so they can have the newest piece.  Where as if you choose a piece from an individual designer you are choosing it because you love their style and uniqueness.

    So are you a jewellery brand snob or a designer diva?  For the moment I am a bit of both but who knows if in the future that will change!

    Danielle x

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