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  • Have you ever thought of having a handmade custom designed ring or piece of jewellery?

    Custom Design and Commissions

    bespoke, design, jewellery, unusual, different, silver, gold, platinum, palladiumcommissioned handmade custom designed ring or piece of jewellery is the ultimate statement of your individuality andcharacter. With our own in-house designer and access the UKs specialist makers, we can guarantee to create a unique high quality item to meet your desires. bespoke 2

    This is a speciality for which we have become renowned with our customers referring and recommending their friends and family onto us on a regular basis.



    Inherited Jewellery

    Perhaps you have been left some jewellery by someone close and would love to keep the history and memories but turn them into an item you would wear with pride.  Come and have an informal chat where we will run through the possibilities and give you the best guidance to help you decide how you would like the jewellery used.

    bespoke 6

    It may be as simple as repairing or rebuilding the items to their original design or redesigning and remodelling the piece to give it a modern contemporary feel, or starting from a blank canvas and designing a completely new piece of jewellery using stones or other elements of the original.

    Whichever way you choose to go you can be assured we will treat the pieces with utmost respect and when finished the new handmade creation will be a compliment to the originals.


    Something Different

    When you don't know exactly what you want but know you want something different, bespoke 1contemporary and handmade, then our in-house design team can talk you through all of your options. We take time to listen, find out a little about you, your lifestyle, your likes and most importantly your dislikes.  From there we will come up with some ideas and develop those along with you until we find the design you love.


    Every handmade design or remodelling project is unique and therefore impossible to put a cost on until it has been defined. If you have a budget to work to it's best to be upfront about it at the initial consultation as we can advise on the best way to work within your comfort zone.

    We do not charge for consultations or design work and will give you a fixed price once a final design has been agreed.

    We'd love to help make your dreams become reality so why not make an appointment for a no obligation consultation?

  • Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day can be a touchy subject.

    Do you go for it all hearts and flowers or is it just another commercialised out-dated tradition?


    It's a dilemma - you should show your love every day not just on one specified day. But if you ignore it are you destined for the dog house?



    Here at Pebbles we are big softies and welcome any excuse to give and receive gorgeous jewellery - whether it's cheap and cheerful  or outrageously extravagant.

    If you need inspiration for valentine's Day - or any other day - here's our pick of the best.

    Bonnie Bling Ring £15 Bonnie Bling Ring £15


    Bjorg anatomically correct heart stud earrings £90 Bjorg anatomically correct heart stud earrings £90
    Fiorelli multi heart pendant £130 Fiorelli multi heart pendant £130
    18 carat white gold ring with Marquise and Princess cut diamonds £3345 18 carat white gold ring with Marquise and Princess cut diamonds £3345

    So whether you celebrate Valentine's Day or not there's always an excuse (reason) to treat someone you love to gorgeous jewellery.

    Val x


  • Pebblettes Xmas Party

    Pebbles Xmas Party

    We would like to say say a HUGE thanks to all who came to our Exclusive Pebblettes Xmas Party last night.

    For those of you that sadly couldn't make it here is a wee taster of the fun filled night of  exclusive discounts and surprise extra savings (guests pulled a cracker at the till to find out how much extra discount they would get - some people saved an additional 25%!!).  Santa himself even made an appearance bearing gifts for lucky guests!

    xmas-party-val Val and Kevin get in to the Xmas spirit
    Pebbles Xmas Party Guests Our guests had an exclusive look at new ranges that are just in

    Among the most popular items were our Fabulous Rew scarves.


    The edgy style of Bjorg caught the eye of many of our guests.

    herkimer claw ring

    Santa with surprise giveaways Santa brought surprise gifts for lucky guests
    Santa at the Pebbles Xmas Party Another lucky winner of Santa's surprise give away
    Santa and helpers at the Pebbles Xmas Party Santa with his little helpers

    Thank you again to everyone that helped to make it such a memorable evening, and we look forward to seeing you all again soon.

    Danielle, Val and Kevin x




  • Treasure Winners Showcased at Pebbles for Edinburgh Fringe Festival

    Here at Pebbles we are delighted to be showcasing the work of not one, not two but three award winning up and coming jewellery designers, Claire English, Clarice Price-Thomas and OAK Fine Jewellery for the duration of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

    Claire English is a contemporary jewellery designer working from London.  The Special Jewellery Company is the realisation of Claire's dream to establish an unmistakably English luxury fashion jewellery brand.

    Jewellery designed by Claire combines her interest in curios, collage and fine craftsmanship with a witty, irreverent and playful deisgn.

    Claire English Smouldering Spent Necklace with Rubies £150

    Clarice Price Thomas is an award winning jewellery designer working from London who is fast becoming known for her unique and contemporary designs, technical ability and attention to detail.

    Growing up as the daughter of a watch and clock maker, Clarice designs jewellery which combines her interst in machinery, movements, mechanisms and antiques, with an innovative, unique and elegant design philosophy.

    Clarice Price Thomas Cog Earrings £54

    OAK embodies strength luxury and beautiful design whilst bringing together a love of fashion with jewellery that can be worn for generations.

    OAK fine jewellery takes inspiration from history, through style, form and concept.  These details are brought forward into designs that have a contemporary edge, to be worn now and passed on for the future.

    OAK Our Love Will Bloom Ring £70

    If you are in Edinburgh soaking up the festival atmosphere or going to see a show or two, pop in (9 Jeffrey Street) to see the full collections from these up and coming British jewellery designers and of course lots of others!

    See you soon

    Danielle x

  • Kim Mitchell - Best Of British Designers Interview

    As part of our Best Of British Designers celebration I got the opportunity to interview our wonderful British jewellery designers.

    Today our featured British designer is Edinburgh based Kim Mitchell -

    Kim graduated in 2010 from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design with an Honours Degree in Jewellery and Metal Design. Since then she has been working in her home city of Edinburgh, creating hand crafted sterling silver jewellery using a variety of both traditional and modern silversmithing techniques.

    Why did you decide to work in jewellery design?

    'At university I discovered how much I love working in 3D - and with metal.  I love designing and making something that people can have fun with and will last forever.'

    What was the first piece of jewellery you made?

    'My first piece of jewellery was a large round silver and brass brooch which I gave to my Granny as a gift.  We were asked to use a mixture of materials so I set a piece of green sea glass next to a silver flower silhouette.  It's a similar theme to the work I do now so its interesting to look back and see how your style develops.'

    What is your biggest inspiration?

    'My work is mainly influenced by nature, in particular flowers and trees.  I am inspired by the shadows thrown by their shapes and try to capture this in metal.'

    Who do you admire most in the jewellery industry?

    'I love Italian goldsmith Giovanni Corvaja.  His work is absolutely stunning and really challenges what is believed possible in goldsmithing techniques.  I also love going to see the Degree Shows and am always amazed by the work of new British designers.'

    and finally, which celebrity (past or present) would you love to see wearing one of your designs?

    'I would love to see my designs on the red carpet, on someone like Sienna Miller or Emma Watson and of course Kate Middleton.  It would be even better if it was a special gift from Will!'

    For today only you can get your hands on your own piece of Kim Mitchell jewellery with 15% off!  Simply enter KIM15 at the checkout for your discount to be applied.

    Danielle x

  • Nikki Ainscow - Best Of British Designers Interview

    As part of our Best Of British Designers celebration I got the opportunity to interview our wonderful British jewellery designers.

    We are continuing today with the very talented Nikki Ainscow of Maneggi -

    Why did you decide to work in jewellery design?

    'I have a back round in textile craft, when I graduated I wanted to work with accessories keeping true to my textile roots.  I specialised in embroidery so this was the basis of Maneggi, creating necklaces through manipulation techniques to provide and alternative to conventional jewellery.  This has developed through the use of ribbon and leather to provide a range of jewellery suitable for metal allergy sufferers, as all my designs are metal free.'

    What was the first piece of jewellery you made?

    'The first piece I made for Maneggi was my ribbon necklace, this is the simple design that inspired my whole range by developing this technique and style introducing new materials to create my collection of metal free jewellery.'

    What is your biggest inspiration?

    'I am inspired by a wide variety of things and always carry my 'bible' with me which is full of sketches, magazine cuttings and colour swatches that I collect on a daily basis.  I am influenced by architecture, origami and manipulation techniques.  I am obsessed with lines folds, pleats and structure which is evident in my collections, I aim to create structure through repetition in all my jewellery.'

    Who do you admire most in the jewellery industry?

    'Yu-Ping Lin's work is amazing I admire her use of origami and colour to create structurally complex fashion accessories and jewellery.  I first came across her work at The Great Northern Contemporary Craft Fair last year and was instantly amazed.  We are both inspired by similar notions of architecture and origami with very different outcomes.  I love her use of traditional materials and techniques of Chinese rice paper and origami to create fashion forward designs.'

    and finally which celebrity (past or present) would you love to see wearing one of your designs?

    'I would love to see Kate Middleton wearing a Maneggi necklace, I think my contemporary use of pearls and ribbon along with my neutral colour palette would suit her classic yet modern style.  One day hopefully!'

    For today only you can get your hands on your own piece of Maneggi jewellery with 15% off!  Simply enter MNG15 at the checkout for your discount to be applied.

    Danielle x

  • Best Of British Designers Month Kicks Off

    If ever there was a time to celebrate all things British 2012 is the year!

    As if you need reminding it is a very exciting year with the Queens Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics, the eyes of the world are on Britain.

    Here at Pebbles we are very proud to showcase the very best of British jewellery design and craftsmanship.

    For the month of June we will be giving you a glimpse into the world of a British jewellery designer, what is their biggest inspiration?  Who would the love to see wearing one of their pieces?

    Also look out for very special limited time offers from each of our featured designers.

    Danielle x

    PS  Look out for the Union Jack on our website and in Pebbles Bo'ness and Edinburgh to indicate you are buying the very best of British jewellery design.


  • All Bjorg jewellery half price for one week only!

    Tonight is the Norse celebration Walpurgisnacht, and so to celebrate we are giving 50% off Bjorg jewellery for one week only (or until stocks last, which won't be long!).

    The festival of Walpurgis is a night of both revelry and darkness.  The nine nights of April 22nd to April 30th are venerated as rememberance of the All Father's self-sacrifice upon the World Tree Yggdrasil.


    It was on the ninth night (April 30th, Walpurgisnacht) that he beheld the Runes, grasped them, and ritually died for an instant.  At that moment, all the light in the 9 worlds is extinguished, and utter chaos reigns.


    At the final stroke of midnight the light returns in dazzling brilliance and the bale fires are lit.  On Walpurgisnacht, the dead have full sway upon the Earth; it is the ending night of the wild hunt.


    May 1st is the festival of Thrimilci; the beginning of Summer.  Thrimilci is a festival of joy and fertility.


    Celebs and stylistas alike all love Bjorg jewellery and this is the perfect time to grab some for yourself!

    One of my favourite pieces has to be the spine ring, Kelly Rowland and Cheryl Cole have both been spotted wearing it too!





    Danielle x

  • Feel it! Say it! Show it!

    As if you needed any reminding, Valentines Day is only a week away, so are you ready or are you still searching for the perfect gift for the special person in your life?

    Show your love this Valentines with a gift that will last much much longer than flowers or chocolates (especially in my house!).

    Here are a few of my favourites from our Valentines gift guide -

    This red shamballa bracelet has everything!  Sparkles, fashionable, affordable and most of all it is red, the colour of love!

    Sphere Of Life necklaces are an amazing Valentines gift as you can choose the sentiment or message you would like to send.  One of my absolute favourites of this range (because I am a bit of an old romantic) is Message In A Sphere - I Love You.  We also have 20% off all of our Sphere Of Life necklaces up until Valentines Day!

    Not really a hearts and flowers kind of person? Then how about this for a twist on the traditional heart necklace from Norwegian designer Bjorg?  This is a way of truly giving your heart to the one you love!

    Of course we haven't forgotten about all the men out there that like a bit of bling too!  These gorgeous crystal heart and arrow cufflinks will brighten up his day and of course he will think you every time he sees them!

    However you choose to spend you Valentines Day this year, be it out for a special meal or curled up with the one you love watching a film (mine will be at work and then at zumba!) I hope you have a fantastic day!

    Danielle x

  • Childrens Jewellery - on the up?

    Here in Bo'ness the town is beginning to settle down after the annual Childrens Fair.  We are very proud to hold the biggest childrens fair in the UK and each year it gets better and better.  As ever the run up to Fair is a busy time for us especially for beautiful jewellery for fairies and flower girls and this year was certainly no different except this year the boys were getting in on the jewellery action as well.

    Our D For Diamond collection is the first stop for all little girls for their special day. 

    The most popular necklace this year for fairies was the gorgeous Tinkerbell pendant who has a single twinkling diamond set into her wing. 

    Of course this Tinkerbell is not only for fairies she would love to be worn by any little princess. 

    Older girls love butterflies and this year again was no exception.  The many butterfly pendants from D For Diamond caught the eye of lots of flower girls. 

    One of my favourite butterfly necklaces is this one with three butterflies looking as though they are caught mid flight.  There is of course  single diamond in one wing of the second butterfly.  The way they move as the wearer moves gives them a real look of being alive!

    And this year the boys were not to be left out!  My son, Josh, who is 9 has a love of jewellery and quite often comes into the shop and has a try on and lets us know what he likes!  Do boys want to wear jewellery?

    In the case of boys in Bo'ness - yes they do!  We introduced a boys charm bracelet to our childrens range and it has been a hit!  Boys seem to love the colourful beads and charms from Silver & Co, frogs, peace signs, Ipods and initials have proven to be the most popular. 

    So is the attitude to boys jewellery changing as men are becoming more interested in accessories or are the young boys in Bo'ness leading the way?

    Danielle x

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