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Tag Archives: sphere of life

  • Feel it! Say it! Show it!

    As if you needed any reminding, Valentines Day is only a week away, so are you ready or are you still searching for the perfect gift for the special person in your life?

    Show your love this Valentines with a gift that will last much much longer than flowers or chocolates (especially in my house!).

    Here are a few of my favourites from our Valentines gift guide -

    This red shamballa bracelet has everything!  Sparkles, fashionable, affordable and most of all it is red, the colour of love!

    Sphere Of Life necklaces are an amazing Valentines gift as you can choose the sentiment or message you would like to send.  One of my absolute favourites of this range (because I am a bit of an old romantic) is Message In A Sphere - I Love You.  We also have 20% off all of our Sphere Of Life necklaces up until Valentines Day!

    Not really a hearts and flowers kind of person? Then how about this for a twist on the traditional heart necklace from Norwegian designer Bjorg?  This is a way of truly giving your heart to the one you love!

    Of course we haven't forgotten about all the men out there that like a bit of bling too!  These gorgeous crystal heart and arrow cufflinks will brighten up his day and of course he will think you every time he sees them!

    However you choose to spend you Valentines Day this year, be it out for a special meal or curled up with the one you love watching a film (mine will be at work and then at zumba!) I hope you have a fantastic day!

    Danielle x

  • Brand snob or designer diva - which are you when it comes to jewellery?

    When choosing jewellery are you more likely to choose a well known brand or go for something individual from a designer maker?

    I have to admit that when I was a bit younger I would go for a brand every time, probably because when you are younger you tend to follow whatever your friends are wearing.  I still love some brands such as Sphere Of Life and Step By Step but as I grow older and learn more about the designers, we stock at Pebbles I find myself swaying on the side of the designers.

    I love the thought of having a unique piece of jewelley that no one else in the world has.  The imagination and inspiration of jewellery designers fascinates me (as I am the least artistic person you could ever meet!), the use of materials such as silver, gold, steel, acrylic and even rubber to make the most intricate or bold pieces that make me smile.

    This silver, gold and diamond ring from British designer Paul Finch's Trapped collection is simple, elegant and unusual.  I love the way the diamonds look as though they are 'trapped' in the shell.  It could be worn everyday or dressed up for a night out.

    I love the work of Tina Lilenthalfor her playful way of mixing acrylic with silver and in this case green gingham material.  Her designs are quirky and are loved by poeple that like jewellery with a contemporary touch.

    Bjorg jewellery is tipped by people in the jewellery press to be the next BIG thing.  I love they way she uses gothic influences to give a modern take on this heart pendant.  The heart is anatomically correct and the tag reads 'ab imo pectore' which translates as 'from the bottom of my heart.'

    Some people like to be loyal to a brand and religiously buy anything they release, even if they don't particularly like it!  Just so they can have the newest piece.  Where as if you choose a piece from an individual designer you are choosing it because you love their style and uniqueness.

    So are you a jewellery brand snob or a designer diva?  For the moment I am a bit of both but who knows if in the future that will change!

    Danielle x

  • Allow me to introduce myself!

    As this is my first ever blog, I thought I should introduce myself.  My name is Danielle and I am lucky enough to have one of the biggest jewellery boxes a girl could want! Two whole jewellery shops, one in Edinburgh and one in Bo'ness!  My Mum and Dad (Val and Kevin) own Pebbles and since October 2009 I have been working with them.

    This is not the first time I have worked with jewellery or indeed for my family, I have been involved with the manufacturing of jewellery (I am not creative enough to ever design anything!) from the casting to polishing the finished product, I have had a go at it all.  Although I enjoyed being involved in making beautiful pieces I must admit I would much rather be here in the shop selling (and trying on) designer jewellery to our wonderful customers!

    I am a lover all things that sparkle, crystal or diamonds but I can also be found wearing stylish and unusual designer pieces.  I love them all.  I guess I am a little magpie when it comes to jewellery.  I have a very varied jewellery box (at home), from fashion jewellery to fine gold with diamonds you will find them all.  Simple and elegant to statement and bold depending on what takes my mood at that particular time.

    Take a look at some of my favourite pieces that can be found at Pebbles -


    Beautiful rose gold and diamond 'Starburst' ring from Jacob Issacharoff.  I love the 3D effect of this ring, it looks as though it is 'bursting' from your finger.  The soft rose gold makes this ring unusual and if I was to treat myself to one thing at the moment this would be it!

    Tina Lilienthal - Dead Cute Jewellery

    I love Tina Lilienthal's Dead Cute Jewellery range and this skull necklace has to be one of the best.  Perfect for Summer, an eye catcher!  It was difficult to choose between this and Tina's black cherry necklace.  I have the black cherry and I wear it with everything!  The skull with a butterfly is the next piece I would love to have.

    Sphere Of Life is one range that I can take credit for!  I was the one that discovered this great range and it has quickly became one of our best sellers.  I love the simplicity and the little names that each piece is given.  This one is Bring Me Spring and sums up how we are all feeling at the moment.

    I love handbags aswell (don't we all?), I have the clutch version of this bag in beautiful bright fucshia pink.  I bought it before it even made it to the shelves!  I take it on nights out and always get admiring comments from my friends.  I sometimes use it when I have a pair of jeans on for an instand lift to my outfit as well.

    Pebbles are really excited and proud to be Scotland's stockists of Bjorg jewellery.  Bjorg's jewellery has been getting loads of attention from the worlds jewellery press and is quickly developing a celebrity following.  I love the sentiment of this necklace 'Be yourself - everyone else is taken'.

    I have enjoyed writing my first ever blog and I hope you have enjoyed reading it!  Stay tuned for more of my favourites, info about our designers and my opinions on all things jewellery and accessories.

    Danielle x

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