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Tag Archives: stainless steel

  • Pebbles welcomes Jessica Flinn Designs

    Ever since Val and Kevin came back from Spring Fair last month and showed me Jessica Flinn Designs I have been egarly awaiting the arrival of her contemporary lace etched stainless steel cuffs, neckaces and earrings.  When the box arrived a few days ago with Jessica's jewellery in it I certainly wasn't disappointed!

    The stunning lace patterns used in Jessica's jewellery are sourced from around the UK and Europe.  One of the lace designs is the same type of lace that was on Kate Middleton's wedding dress; the now Dutchess of Cambridge.  Jessica's favourite is a type of lace from the Mediterranen island of Crete; dubbed the pineapple lace because of its distinctive forms (pictured above).

    This gorgeous collar is a brilliant example of how Jessica has taken the primary export of her hometown of Sheffield  (stainless steel) and turned the industrial connotations on their head.  By creating a unique and eye catching range of delicate, feminine jewellery.

    One of the pieces from Jessica that is on my wishlist (hint hint I have a birthday coming soon!) is the Vintage Lace Mid Cuff which has been decorated with an original 1920's handmade piece of lace.

    Jessica Flinn Designs are all now available in Edinburgh, Bo'ness and online.

    Danielle x

  • Pebbles says G'day mate to Hardware Mens Jewellery

    Many years ago the choice of mens jewellery was pretty limited and all you could find was a watch or some silver cufflinks!  Happily this is no longer the case and more and more men are choosing to experiement with jewellery and personally I think this is a good thing!

    Mens jewellery has came on leaps and bounds and I simply love this new range of Hardware stainless steel jewellery all the way from Down Under!  It is simple and stylish, hardwearing and unusual, but most of all very very wearable.


    From stunning rubber bracelets with rose gold finished stainless steel, black leather necklaces with stainless steel beads to unusual shaped stainless steel and rubber cufflinks, Hardware brings you effortless style and as the name suggests hardwearing jewellery.

    Whether you like to give a subtle nod to fashion or you like to make a statement with what you wear, there will be a piece in this collection that is perfect to suit your style!

    Danielle x










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