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Tag Archives: tina lilienthal

  • New LASH range from Tina Lilienthal coming soon to Pebbles

    We love the fun and quirky jewellery from Tina Lilienthal (and we know you do too!). The cherry and skull ranges show no signs of slowing down in popularity. But that doesn't mean that Tina rests on her laurels, she is continually developing these ranges and introducing new concepts. More of which later....

    Alex Jones is one of many clelebrity fans and she recently wore a Tina Lilienthal black cherry necklace on BBC's The One Show.

    Watch out for the latest development to Tina's skull collection with strong flourenscent pink either on the skull or as an accent as seen on the skull and antler necklace worn by Pixie Geldof.

    We expect the flouro range to be an exciting addition to the "little skulls" and "messy skulls" ranges.

    While the cherry range just keeps going from strength to strength, available in black or red on chain, ribbon or pearls - with or without a little sparkly cz set into the cherry you could have a cherry for every outfit. Elegance with an edge.

    Tina unvieled (or unleashed!) an exciting new range at IJL. Bound and bold, the latest Lilienthal look ties precious and plastic materials together in darkly daring jewellery pieces. The rope inspired collection is to be tied, tethered and touched!

    We can't wait for delivery of this gorgeous chunky and very wearable range.

    Val x

  • Summer is coming! (I hope!)

    The sun is beginning to shine and  Summer is approaching (fingers crossed for a good one!), we are finally able to bring out our Summer wardrobe, colourful dresses, sandals, accessories and of course jewellery!

    One of my favourite ways to add colour to an outfit is to add some colourful jewellery. One designer I love for that reason is Tina Lilienthal. She brings colour and fun to her jewellery, from black and white skulls with moustaches or antlers, to vibrant red or black cherries, her designs always make me smile.

    Inspired by Pop Art, porn and anything plastic Tina's work focuses on the unconventional mixture of materials and meaning.  Using iconographic symbols her jewellery playfully tells the story of love and loss, the cheap and the expensive, the mundane and the precious, the sacred and the profane.

    Tina's work is stylish, fashionable and most of all wearable as such there are now many celebrities that own a piece of her jewellery.  Trendy and out going I think you could find a piece of Dead Cute jewellery to brighten up any Summer Wardrobe.

    So as the days get longer and the nights bring us out for drinks with friends or walks with the dog, what will you be accessorising with?

    Danielle x

  • Do celebrities influence the jewellery we buy?

    After seeing a picture of Rihanna wearing the gorgeous Bjorg Spine bangle at Nivea's 100th anniversary bash, I got to thinking, do celebs influence our style when it comes to jewellery?

    It is a well known fact that celebrities such as Dannii Minogue, Fern Cotton, Cherly Cole and even the newly wed Dutchess of Cambridge (Kate Middleton) have a huge impact on what we wear.  Sales of sapphire engagement rings more than tripled after Wills and Kate announced their engagement and the dress Kate wore for thier engagement pictures sold out quickly.

    But when it comes to jewellery do we like to wear the same jewellery as our favourite celebrities or do we like to take a little of thier style and add our own finishing touches?  When Katy Perry was announced as ambassador for Thomas Sabo were you reaching for your purse to buy the newest piece?

    Here we have Sheridan Smith with her Steven Harkin 'Kylie' clutch bag which was named after the one and only Kylie Minogue who owns the bag in red patent.  Do you think Sheridan bought it because of it's celebrity status?

    Personally I like to choose my jewellery and accessories because I love the feel, finish or designer.  It may be in the same style as one of the big style icons has worn but not the exact piece.  Therefore I can add my own twist and match several pieces from different ranges and/or designers together.

    For example I love to wear my Sphere Of Life charm bracelet everyday, sometimes teamed with a Sphere Of Life necklace, sometimes with a Tina Lilienthal (who is loved by loads of celebs including Davina McCall!) cherry necklace or if I am heading out I will dress it up with a bit of sparkle!

    I love to check out the magazines to see the latest style do's and don'ts but when it comes to choosing what I wear I love to be individual.  I may have some pieces that are also owned by celebs but I have chosen them beacuase I love them for their design not because of who I have seen wearing them!

    Danielle x

  • Brand snob or designer diva - which are you when it comes to jewellery?

    When choosing jewellery are you more likely to choose a well known brand or go for something individual from a designer maker?

    I have to admit that when I was a bit younger I would go for a brand every time, probably because when you are younger you tend to follow whatever your friends are wearing.  I still love some brands such as Sphere Of Life and Step By Step but as I grow older and learn more about the designers, we stock at Pebbles I find myself swaying on the side of the designers.

    I love the thought of having a unique piece of jewelley that no one else in the world has.  The imagination and inspiration of jewellery designers fascinates me (as I am the least artistic person you could ever meet!), the use of materials such as silver, gold, steel, acrylic and even rubber to make the most intricate or bold pieces that make me smile.

    This silver, gold and diamond ring from British designer Paul Finch's Trapped collection is simple, elegant and unusual.  I love the way the diamonds look as though they are 'trapped' in the shell.  It could be worn everyday or dressed up for a night out.

    I love the work of Tina Lilenthalfor her playful way of mixing acrylic with silver and in this case green gingham material.  Her designs are quirky and are loved by poeple that like jewellery with a contemporary touch.

    Bjorg jewellery is tipped by people in the jewellery press to be the next BIG thing.  I love they way she uses gothic influences to give a modern take on this heart pendant.  The heart is anatomically correct and the tag reads 'ab imo pectore' which translates as 'from the bottom of my heart.'

    Some people like to be loyal to a brand and religiously buy anything they release, even if they don't particularly like it!  Just so they can have the newest piece.  Where as if you choose a piece from an individual designer you are choosing it because you love their style and uniqueness.

    So are you a jewellery brand snob or a designer diva?  For the moment I am a bit of both but who knows if in the future that will change!

    Danielle x

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